Simple Shot Axiom Ocularis – Deep Green


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Shoot what Nathan shoots!!

This slingshot is an exact duplicate of Nathan Masters’ personal Axiom Ocularis™ slingshot with added styling and features.  This injection molded design is made from SimpleShot’s proprietary thermoplastic material for unmatched strength and reliability.  Utilizing the Ocularis™ attachment system, this slingshot can shoot flat bands, tubes, and looped tubes in any orientation for an exact match to your shooting style.

Each unit includes one set of black Ocularis™plugs and one 7/8″ straight cut SimpleShot Black Flatband


Height- 6″/155mm

Width(outside forks)-4″/100mm

Width(inside forks): 1-9/16″/41mm

Weight: 2.2oz/66gr


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